Here is a random collection of animal haunted places around the world


Toll Hill

Eaton Center, NH, USA
An old farmhouse on top of this hill is haunted by the ghost of a horse who sought shelter in the abandoned building during a blizzard and became trapped and died. The horse is reportedly still trying to escape.

The Henniker House

Henniker, NH, USA
You may be allowed to visit the house, please contact the Chamber of Commerce in Henniker, New Hampshire, for more information. The ghost of "Ocean-Born" Mary Wallace supposedly visits this house every Halloween in a horse drawn coach. Some say she's always there haunting it on a permanent basis.

Other beastly sightings

Sightings of ghostly animals in Guernsey, England. A whole range of beastly sightings have been reported across Guernsey, England. One of the most common, other than dogs, is pigs. Sightings of a sow with a litter of piglets have been reported. They are said to have walked in through the front door and out the back door of a house if alms to the poor hadn't been paid as they should. As soon as the alms were paid, the visits by the pigs stopped. Most of the sightings have been reported in St Peters and St Saviours.


A pig is also said to haunt the sands of Vazon bay. "La coche du Vazaön" is said to be forgaging for acorns under the long submerged trees of the forest in the bay.

A snow white horse is said to gallop around the pond of St George's estate in the Castel at midnight. The sightings are said to be rare.

A foal is also said to haunt Bordeaux.

A family in Les Banques are said to have been haunted by the ghost of their cat. It used to follow the daughter home from school and her mother also saw it. After some time the cat just stopped appearing.

Another enormous beast is said to haunt the Saints Bay area. A giant nanny goat has been seen on the route up from the bay. Many years ago it's said to have hindered a group of people collecting vraic (seaweed) from the beach. The goat is said to have stood behind the cart carrying the vraic and rested its front legs on it. The appearance of the goat meant the cart couldn't be moved. The men eventually had to give up, leave the cart where it was and take the animals home. The next day they returned and had no trouble moving it.