Animals live on after death

Why should humans be the only ones entitled to an after life existance? As an animal lover and pet owner I know in my heart that our pets live on after death. This site is devoted to that fact - of life after death for animals. We strive to keep the evidence as factual and scientific as possible.

I have some interesting legends about spirit animals here as well as a page on - if you can excuse the pun "live" ghost web cams. I plan on added more links to web cam page as soon as I find some interesting ones. Many of the ones I did come across were interesting but after looking at them for more than 15 minutes I realized they were not live at all.

This site was started up because of the few actual animal ghost events that I personally have experienced. One involved a cat and the other a dog. I have also experienced human hauntings as well. Since this site is so new the first thing that came to mind to add is a forum for people to share their experiences without other people calling them crazy or nuts. In the next few weeks I plan on adding well known documented hauntings that involve animals as well as well known legends that maybe based on true events.

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Not all of the news items are animal related but they are interesting.